Tired of Winning? Donald Trump Breaks Obama Approval Record

Has now won more primaries/caucuses in 2020 than Joe Biden has in his career

February 4, 2020

President Donald J. Trump, fresh off an overwhelming victory in the Iowa Republican caucus, continues to demonstrate the inevitability of his reelection in 2020 and beyond.

Trump has a job approval rating of 49 percent, according to the most recent Gallup survey. That's the highest figure reported by Gallup since Trump took office in 2017, and it comes as the Democratic Party reels from an embarrassing debacle in Iowa, where the results of Monday's caucuses have yet to be released.

The president also broke a record once held by former president Barack Obama. Trump's approval rating among Republicans rose 6 percent since early January, according to Gallup, and currently stands at 94 percent, a new high. His approval rating among Democrats, meanwhile, is just 7 percent. That 87-point gap between partisan approval ratings is the highest Gallup has ever recorded, breaking the previous record of 86 points set by former president Obama.

The Gallup survey also found that most Americans are not on board with the Democratic Party's efforts to impeach the president. A majority of Americans (52 percent) said Trump should be acquitted, which he will be; 46 percent said Trump should be convicted and removed from office.

Though it appears increasingly unlikely that Trump will face former vice president Joe Biden in the general election, the commander in chief scored a symbolic victory over the former Democratic frontrunner on Monday. Trump's victory in the Iowa GOP caucus means that he has now won more caucuses or primaries in 2020 than Biden has won over the course of his entire political career, which includes two previous failed presidential campaigns.