Trump Says He's Not Dismissing Mueller as Special Counsel

August 10, 2017

President Donald Trump said during a Thursday press conference that he has no intention of dismissing special counsel Robert Mueller from his post.

The idea that Trump might fire Mueller, who has been tasked with investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, has been prominently discussed in the media.

"Mr. President, have you thought about or considered leading the dismissal of the special counsel, or is there anything Bob Mueller could do that would send you in that direction?" a reporter asked Trump.

Trump said he hadn't even given the idea any thought.

"I haven't given it any thought. I've been reading about it from you people, you say I'm going to dismiss him. No, I'm not dismissing anybody," he said.

"I want them to get on with the task, but I also want the Senate and the House to come out with their findings. Now judging from the people leaving the meetings, leaks, but they leave the meetings all the time and they say, no, we haven't found any collusion. There is no collusion. you know why? Because I don't speak to Russians," he said.

Trump insisted that he won the 2016 presidential election not because of Russian interference, but because of his superior campaigning.

"I won because I suppose I was a much better candidate than her. I won because I went to Wisconsin, I went to Michigan. I won Pennsylvania. I fought a smart battle. That's why I won. I didn't win because of Russia. Russia had nothing to do with me winning," Trump said.

Trump has sent messages back and forth with Mueller's office, expressing his "appreciation" for Mueller's work. At the same time, he has publicly slammed the Russia inquiry as a "witch hunt" multiple times.