MSNBC Guest: Trump 'Will Fire Mueller at Some Point' Because 'Totalitarian People' Show Their Hands

July 21, 2017

MSNBC guest panelist Donny Deutsch declared Friday that President Donald Trump will fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller "at some point," making his prediction based on "totalitarian people" like Trump showing their hands.

A New York Times report published Thursday stated that Trump aides and lawyers are looking into Mueller's team hired for the Russia investigation, seeking ways to discredit the probe and reasons to fire Mueller or his investigators.

Mueller recently expanded the investigation to include Trump's business dealings.

"One thing about Trump is he tells you what he's going to do," Deutsch said. "He shows his hand. That's what totalitarian people do. He has said there is a red line if you go into my businesses."

Deutsch pointed to a New Republic article called "Trump's Russian Laundromat" that, in Deutsch's words, "lays out all the dirty Russian money coming in."

"Trump knows he cannot let it go that far," he said. "He cannot. He will be destroyed. He will end up possibly in jail. He will fire Mueller at some point. You can see it. He's teeing it up, and that's where this is going, make no mistake about it."

Deutsch, like others on "Morning Joe," is a former friend of Trump who has become a fierce critic.

He previously was rebuked by his co-hosts when, in the aftermath of Trump's personal attacks via Twitter at host Mika Brzezinski, he challenged Trump to a fight in the school yard.