Trump Compares 'World-Class Liar' Hillary Clinton to Brian Williams: His 'Career Was Destroyed for Saying Less'

June 22, 2016

Donald Trump compared the deceit of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, to that of former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams during his Wednesday address in New York. He concluded Clinton was an even bigger liar than Williams.

Trump cited Clinton's discredited claim that she once landed "under sniper fire" in Bosnia as First Lady as proof she was a "world-class liar." Clinton's story was revealed to be entirely fictional, and she later said she "misspoke."

"She's a world-class liar," Trump said. "Just look at her pathetic email server statements or her phony landing in Bosnia, where she said she was under attack, and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers ... This was one of the beauts. A total and self-serving lie. Brian Williams' career was destroyed for saying less. Just remember that."

Williams was suspended from NBC for six months without pay last year when it was revealed he had lied about his account of being in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire in Iraq, in addition to other exaggerations in his reporting. Lester Holt took his place as Nightly News anchor and has held it ever since.

Williams apologized for his actions, admitting he "said things that weren't true." He has since resurfaced as a daytime anchor for MSNBC, NBC's left-leaning cable affiliate.