Tom Steyer Ad Attacks Democrats For Not Impeaching Trump: ‘You’re Doing Nothing’


Billionaire liberal megadonor Tom Steyer released a new ad Thursday attacking House Democrats for their failure to impeach President Donald Trump.

Steyer's group, Need to Impeach, has been beating the drum for impeachment for over a year, but the new ad represents the most direct attack on Democratic leadership on the issue to date. Entitled "Nothing Happened," the ad complains that Democrats have done nothing despite a litany of grievances.

"This is a message for leaders of the Democratic Party," says a series of everyday-looking actors, "for over two years this president has broken the law and nothing happens. You told us to wait for the Mueller investigation, and when he showed obstruction of justice, nothing happened."

"When this President took money from foreign governments and blocked their release of his tax returns, nothing happened. And when his administration illegally refused to testify, nothing happened," the speakers say. "Now you tell us to wait for the next election? Really?"

Steyer himself appears at the end of the ad, intoning, "This is our democracy, but Congress is part of the system and the system is broken. We have to fix it."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has meanwhile remained firm in her anti-impeachment stance, and The Washington Post reported Wednesday that House Democrats are largely falling in line with her insistence to instead focus on policy in the upcoming 2020 election.

Alex Griswold

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Alex is a staff writer at the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2012. Before joining the Free Beacon, he was a writer for Mediaite and The Daily Caller. He is originally from Buffalo, New York, but regrettably now lives in Washington, D.C. He can be reached at

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