Tlaib Fundraising Off Plans to Impeach Trump

'It's time for my colleagues in Congress to remove Trump'

Rep. Rashida Tlaib
Rep. Rashida Tlaib / Getty Images
March 6, 2019

Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) is raising money off her support for impeaching President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Tlaib's congressional campaign committee launched a series of Facebook ads highlighting her plans to introduce a resolution urging the House Judiciary Committee to investigate grounds for the president's impeachment.

In the ads, Tlaib, who was previously caught on camera promising to "impeach the motherf—" during a profanity-laced tirade, accuses the president of "abusing his pardon power, violating emoluments clauses, undermining the freedom of the press, obstructing justice, and discriminating against people based on their race, ethnicity, and religion."

"It's time for my colleagues in Congress to uphold their oath of office and remove Trump for violating the Constitution and the law. Our Constitution offers Congress an important tool to defend ourselves against tyrannical, criminal presidents: impeachment," a Tlaib ad says. "We don’t need criminal charges or more evidence, and we don’t have time to wait for the Mueller investigation. Every day, Trump corrupts our government and holds our democracy hostage at the expense of marginalized communities. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to remove him."

Other ads seem to heap equal criticism on Trump and Tlaib's fellow Democrats in Congress who have refused to consider impeachment as a viable option.

"My constituents and I are upset that Trump is using the most powerful position in the world to hurt our country solely for personal gain. And I’m upset that members of Congress are afraid to talk about the consequences: impeachment," one ad states. "That’s why I’m introducing a resolution calling on the Judiciary Committee to start [an] impeachment investigation. Are you with me?"

"My colleagues in Congress—including Democrats—are paving the way for dangerous precedents by not demanding impeachment," another says. "It’s our duty as Americans to defend our democracy and to ensure Trump’s behavior does not become the new normal. Let's send a message: It's time to impeach Donald Trump!"

Each of the ads links to a donation page where supporters are asked to "chip in" to "invest" in Tlaib's "leadership ... and to hold Trump accountable." Tlaib, who media outlets have heralded as part of the feminist wave elected to Congress in 2018, appears to be primarily targeting men between the ages of 25 and 64 in her home state of Michigan as well as the liberal states of California, New York, and Massachusetts, among others.

Tlaib's campaign launched 5 ads on Tuesday and added 15 more on Wednesday. It is unclear if more are forthcoming.

As previously reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Tlaib cut herself a check totaling more than $45,000 from funds her campaign raised during the 2018 cycle. Of that sum, more than $17,000 was paid out after the election possibly in violation of FEC regulations.