Tlaib Promises Democrats Coming for Trump: We're Going to 'Impeach the Motherf***er'

Rep. Rashida Tlaib celebrates after drawing the number 8 in the lottery draw for congressional offices (Win McNamee/Getty Images)
January 3, 2019

Newly sworn-in Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) told a roaring crowd of supporters Thursday night that President Donald Trump was going down, promising Democrats would "impeach the motherfucker."

Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman ever elected to Congress and one of two Muslim women in the newly Democratic-controlled House, made the comments at a left-wing MoveOn reception near Capitol Hill. Washington Post reporter Dave Wiegel described a "raucous reception."

"We're going to go in there, and we're going to impeach the motherfucker," she said, drawing huge cheers from the crowd and hugging supporters afterwards.

Tlaib is one of several prominent new congresswomen who could create headaches for new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with their brash language.

The Democrats took over the House on Thursday after spending the last eight years in the minority, and Pelosi became speaker of the House for the second time.

She has not been as enthusiastic about the prospect of impeaching Trump as some of the more progressive members of her caucus, saying Democrats will let the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation play out.

"Impeachment would be a sad thing for our country; it would be very divisive," she told Elle in a recent interview. "What I’m more interested in is protecting the Mueller investigation, seeing where the facts take us. So I feel serious and strategic about the prospect of impeachment. If we have to do it, we cannot walk away from our responsibilities. But it’s not something that I’m stirring the pot on."