Swing State Voters Think Clinton is Condescending

October 7, 2015

A group of Democratic New Hampshire voters said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton is condescending and unanimously agreed that her personality problem could hurt her chance of getting elected.

After Bloomberg Politics showed the group a video of Clinton "at her best, giving a speech about policy and her beliefs," editor Mark Halperin said the group had a "visceral reaction."

"I like Hillary, I think she is a strong candidate, but she has that—that condescending... I can see that causing gridlock," one voter said.

"She does seem a little condescending," another voter responded.

"I don’t even think it’s condescending, that’s a strange word for me. I think it’s more like…" one female voter said.

"I’m smarter than you," a voter suggested.

"Yeah, like, ‘I’m a woman, I deserve it,’" the female voter responded.

The voter’s suggestion that Clinton has a personality issue triggered unanimous recognition.

"Once that one woman suggested that she might have a personality issue, the whole room agreed," Halperin said.

The focus group was also asked to raise their hands if they thought that Clinton’s condescension could hurt her chance of winning the election. The entire group raised their hands.

"She is polarizing, and there are aspects of her personality that they think men in particular won’t like," Halperin said.

Clinton has been campaigning in New Hampshire over the course of the last week. However, she has been met with little success. Politico reports that some supporters are urging her to give up on her New Hampshire campaign because of Bernie Sanders’ overwhelming popularity in the state.

A recent Marist/NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that New Hampshire voters viewed Sanders more favorably than Clinton. Sanders also fared better than Clinton when matched up with Republican rivals.

The Clinton campaign is struggling to rebound from her use of a private email server to handle classified information. The public was notably aggravated after Clinton took months to apologize for her mistake. Since her apology, officials continue to discover information about the server not previously supplied by Clinton.