Susan Page: ‘Democratic Party Will Pull to the Left’ After Election Day

USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page said that the Democratic Party will "pull to the left" after the 2014 elections, moving closer to the "Elizabeth Warren wing" of the party.

"There is another effect from this election tonight that could affect Hillary Clinton, and that is the fact that a lot of those moderate Democrats in the Senate are the ones who are endangered. You're going to have a Democratic caucus that is more uniformly liberal," Page told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday.

"The whole party, I think, is being pulled somewhat to the left… It was the Elizabeth Warren wing of the party, that Elizabeth Warren was the best surrogate–those are the issues, like fighting Wall Street, that generated the most enthusiasm among Democratic voters."

Mitchell noted that Clinton's assertion that "corporations and businesses don't create jobs" seemed "inauthentic," went against her previous positions on Wall Street, and forced her to revert back.

Page said Clinton's failed attempt at moving to Warren's left was one example of many "tightropes" that Clinton will have to walk going into the 2016 presidential election.

"One is, where does she stand exactly on issues like regulating Wall Street?" Page said.

"Another is, what is her relationship with President Obama? How closely does she want to be tied to President Obama–who, of course, she served for four years as his Secretary of State. These are going to be issues that we're going to be watching closely forever in the Hillary Clinton race."