Suing the Gun Grabbers

NRA mulls suing Colorado over gun bills as state think tank announces suit

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signing gun control legislation (AP)
• March 20, 2013 6:43 pm


A conservative Colorado think tank announced it will sue the state over new gun-control legislation signed into law Wednesday, and several law enforcement organizations as well as the National Rifle Association may also join the lawsuit.

The Independence Institute confirmed Wednesday it is filing a lawsuit to challenge Colorado’s latest gun-control bills, which were signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

NRA Radio News host Cam Edwards tweeted that Independence Institute researcher Dave Koppel said to expect a lawsuit joined by the NRA and several law enforcement organizations.

However, NRA public affairs director Andrew Arulanandam said in an interview that the organization is still weighing its options.

"To be precise, I would say all options are on the table," Arulanandam said. "We'll look at all the options, legal options too."

The state legislature passed laws requiring a fee and expanded background checks on possible buyers, as well as limiting the size of ammunition magazines to no more than 15 rounds.

The NRA, the largest and most powerful Second Amendment group in the country, vigorously opposed the bills.

"The problem with these laws is none of them address our broken mental health system, don't call for increased prosecution of crimes who break laws, and don't protect our children by making schools safer," Arulanandam said. "It's purely a control measure, the only universe of whom will feel be affected are law abiding citizens."