MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle Decries Graham Tweeting About Trump's Golf Score: 'This Is Straight-Up Kim Jong Un Antics'

October 10, 2017

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday described Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R., S.C.) tweets praising President Donald Trump's golf game after the two men played a round on Monday as "straight-up Kim Jong Un type of antics."

Ruhle first noted that Graham has been one of the most outspoken critics of Trump among Senate Republicans, before she expressed exasperation at the senator's tweets.

"This one blew my mind. [Graham] just played a round of golf with the president and felt the need to tweet about what a great job he did," Ruhle said. "I mean this is straight-up Kim Jong Un type of antics."

It is unclear what Ruhle found similar between Graham's tweets and the North Korean leader's behavior, although it appears she may have been comparing the senator's comments to the praise that North Koreans bestow on Kim.

Ruhle then chastised Graham for mentioning Trump's score, asking how military parents feel whose kids are stationed overseas.

"I mean tweeting 'president shot a 73,'" Ruhle said. "Big whoop. How do you think military moms are feeling this week, worrying about their kids who are stationed overseas?"

It is unclear why Ruhle mentioned military families, but it appears she was criticizing Graham for tweeting about something so light when Americans are fighting abroad.

Graham and Trump played a round of golf on Monday, and the senator tweeted afterward that the president shot a 73. Graham also joked that Trump beat him worse on the golf course than during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, when both men were candidates.