State GOP Headquarters Vandalized

Vandals: 'WWJD – Healthcare for everyone'

New Hampshire Republican State Committee Twitter account
October 14, 2013

The headquarters of the Republican Party of New Hampshire (NHGOP) was vandalized last week by someone demanding "healthcare for everyone," it said on Monday.

The perpetrator spray-painted "WWJD – Healthcare for everyone" on the outside of the State Republican Committee’s Concord, N.H., headquarters, as shown in a photo shared from the organization’s official Twitter account. "WWJD" is the commonly used acronym for the phrase "what would Jesus do?"

The Twitter account called the vandalism "outrageous and shameful."

"Instead of trying to engage in a serious debate about the issues facing our country, these cowardly extremists decided to spread their liberal agenda by damaging our property," said NHGOP executive director Matt Slater in a news release on Monday.

"This type of outrageous and illegal political activism should be condemned by the New Hampshire Democratic Party," Slater added. "They need to send a clear message to liberal activists that their shameful tactics have no place in politics."

The NHGOP said it filed a report with the Concord police. A police spokesman referred questions to an investigator who did not respond to a request for additional information.

Monday’s news release said the NHGP "is currently seeking estimates to determine the cost to repair the damage and remove the graffiti."

Other Republican Party offices in New Hampshire have been recently vandalized.

Someone spray-painted "FAGS" on a sign outside of the Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Committee, according to the Plymoth Record-Enterprise.

Ralph Larson, chairman of the committee, said it was the fourth incident of vandalism against the committee "in recent years."