Social Media Conversation Associates Hillary Clinton With ‘Lies’

Hillary Clinton
• December 1, 2015 1:15 pm


The conversation about Hillary Clinton on social media during the month of November was dominated by negative words, including "lies" and "unethical."

According to a Zignal Labs graphic published by the Washington Post, the top four words used in online mentions about Clinton over the last month were "unethical," "behavior," "fired," and "lies," indicating that the social media chatter about the Democratic presidential candidate has trended toward negative.

Also popular in social media chatter about Clinton were the words "Benghazi," "corruption," "doom," and "email." Among the more positive or neutral popular descriptors were "news," "candidacy," and "time."

The negative descriptions of Clinton come as she continues to weather criticism for her use of a personal email account while at the State Department. The FBI is currently investigating the security of Clinton’s email system and has reportedly expanded its probe to explore possible violations of U.S. criminal code.

Words associated with Clinton’s primary competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), were notably less negative during the month of November. The top four words used in mentions about Sanders were "realize," "vote," "moment," and "YouTube." Slightly less popular words included "issues," "stand," and "revolution."

Sanders was also mentioned more times on all online media platforms, garnering 2.8 million mentions to Clinton’s 2.2 million.

News of the social media conversation surrounding Clinton comes one day after the State Department released its largest batch of Clinton emails yet as part of a court-ordered disclosure of emails contained on the former secretary of state’s personal server. With Monday’s release, the number of Clinton emails containing classified information rose to nearly 1,000.

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