Schmidt: Trump Endangers ‘Literally Every Inhabitant of the Planet Earth’

MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt said President Donald Trump represents a threat to "literally every inhabitant of the Planet Earth" because his ignorance and impulsiveness could strike at any time.

Schmidt, a former Republican strategist who left the party in disgust over the Trump administration, made the remark on Friday to fellow former John McCain campaign alum Nicolle Wallace. The two have made names for themselves on MSNBC as ferocious critics of the modern Republican Party and the Trump White House.

Schmidt said there were a variety of personalities working in the White House, some of them necessary to keep Trump at bay from his worst impulses.

"We have a mix of people, you know, there, and there’s a few of them, though, that I think are vital to protecting, let’s say, the armed forces from the President of the United States, protecting the world from the whims of the President of the United States," he said. "Because on any given moment, the combination of his erratic behavior, his ignorance could pose a profound danger to every single person in this country and literally every inhabitant of the planet Earth."

Using a metaphor he's employed before, he said the White House is a chaotic environment with "a bunch of monkeys throwing excrement at each other on any given day."

Schmidt also remarked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was one of Trump's "accomplices" in his bad actions as president. Wallace previously had to apologize when she once asked how a reporter could resist going up and trying to "wring her neck" for giving answers he didn't care for at the press briefing.