Scarborough: President of Colombia Speaks English Better Than Trump

May 19, 2017

MSNBC "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough on Friday mocked President Donald Trump and said that Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos spoke better English than him.

At the beginning of the segment, Scarborough played a clip of Trump's Thursday joint press conference with Santos, where he defended himself against recent negative headlines.

"There was no collusion and everybody—even my enemies have said, 'There is no collusion,' so we want to get back and keep on the track they we are on because the track we are on is record setting," Trump said on Thursday.

Scarborough responded by talking about his love for literature in high school and college, but said that he always had difficulty understanding William Faulkner's writing, especially his novel "As I Lay Dying."

"I was as confused with Faulkner as I was yesterday watching Donald Trump actually sounding far less articulate than the President of Columbia, who actually seems to speak our language much better than Donald Trump even when he's not speaking our language," Scarborough said.

"It was bizarre, meandering, wandering group of statements and he's changing his story on Rod Rosenstein," Scarborough added.

This isn't the first time that "Morning Joe" has gone after Trump this week, as co-host Mika Brzezinski castigated Trump earlier in the week, saying that his White House is "built on lies," according to the Washington Free Beacon.