Sanders Supporter: We Chanted ‘Lock Her Up’ Earlier About Clinton

July 25, 2016

A supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) said Monday that he was chanting "lock her up" referring to Hillary Clinton earlier in the day during a breakfast for the California delegation at the Democratic National Convention.

MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt interviewed Bernie Sanders supporter Alexis Edelstein on the first day of the convention. Edelstein claimed he chanted "lock her up" during the breakfast and said he does not plan to watch Clinton speak on the last day of the convention, adding it would hurt his ears.

"We are for Bernie. We think Bernie is still the candidate to win. We don’t want Trump any more than anyone else here wants Trump," Edelstein said. "So if we support Hillary we believe Trump will win."

"Did you chant lock her up at that event today?" Kasie asked.

"Earlier in the breakfast meeting, we did chant that a little bit. I mean at this point that’s what she is and that’s what the right’s going to do, right," Edelstein said.

Hunt then asked Edelstein if he plans on sticking around to hear Clinton speak later this week. The odds did not seem in Clinton’s favor with Edelstein hinting at a walkout.

"It’s definitely going to hurt the ears if we do stay and watch it. There are definitely some people who are thinking about leaving," he said

"Walking out in the middle?" Hunt asked.

"Yeah," Edelstein said.