Reporters, Obama Alumni Spread False Story That Ivanka Trump Kicked Spanish Chef Out of Restaurant

Ivanka Trump attends the W20 conference in Berlin / Getty Images
January 29, 2018

Several reporters and former Obama White House staffers over the weekend spread a false story claiming Ivanka Trump requested a Spanish-American chef be kicked out of a restaurant because his presence made her "uncomfortable."

Former Mexican Ambassador to China Jorge Guajardo claimed on Twitter on Sunday that celebrity chef José Andrés was kicked out of Cafe Milano, the tony Washington, D.C. restaurant, at the request of Trump. Andrés soon tweeted the accusation himself.

Guajardo's claim quickly went viral, racking up more than 16,000 retweets. Former Obama administration officials Jon Favreau, Ronald Klain, and David Axelrord; Washington Post reporter Phillip Rucker; CNN host Chris Cuomo; and chef Anthony Bourdain also racked up thousands of retweets spreading the story and noting Andrés' charitable work in Puerto Rico.

But Cafe Milano later clarified that the story was a "misunderstanding." The restaurant was rented out for a private event, and Ivanka Trump had nothing to do with the guest list.

Andrés accepted the apology and admitted it was indeed a "misunderstanding." In an interview with the Washington Post, Andrés said that he knew he was not on the invite list, but tried to get in anyway.

Despite the real story coming out, neither Andrés nor Guajardo have deleted their initial tweets. On the contrary, Andrés still insisted Monday morning that it was possible Ivanka Trump was actually behind it all.