Ivanka Trump

THE ENDORSEMENT: Melania and Ivanka Trump (and Tiffany)

America's best choices for First Lady in 2020

American voters must choose between two sharply divergent visions for the future. Option A is freedom and prosperity, as embodied by the historically successful incumbent president, Donald J. Trump. Option B is the apocalyptic nightmare that would descend upon the American heartland in the unlikely event that any of the remaining Democratic candidates is elected.

Trump, First Lady Receive Cheers From Hospital Workers in Pittsburgh

Media focuses on coverage of protesters

Nurses and doctors cheered for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as they walked through a Pittsburgh hospital on Tuesday, prompting the first couple to shake hands and thank the medical professionals for they were doing to help the patients of Saturday's Synagogue shooting.

Samantha Bee Apologized for Giving Her Audience What It Demands

Samantha Bee's late-night TBS program is not a novel one. She summarizes a left-of-MSNBC version of events to a receptive audience, delivering rapid-fire one-liners and progressive protestations, all supplemented by news clips to give her routines a feeling of high-minded, informative satire. Other such shows exist.