Progressive Nebraska House Candidate Advocates Assault Weapons Ban, Buyback Program

Democratic House candidate Kara Eastman said Monday that a gun buyback program would be "great" as part of larger gun control overhaul.

MSNBC host Katy Tur asked inquired about the assault weapons ban Eastman supports, leading Eastman to tout "common-sense gun safety regulation." Tur pressed her to answer what should be done about assault weapons specifically, and Eastman said she would support a buyback program.

"What do you think of the assault weapons already out there. Would you want them to be turned in?" Tur asked.

"I think if we could create some sort of buyback program, that would be great," Eastman answered.

Eastman also said "our children are being braver than policy makers," and she suggested legislating universal background checks.

"I think that our children are being braver than policy makers when it comes the these issues. There are some low hanging fruit when it comes to common-sense gun safety regulation," Eastman said. "We need to acknowledge there are responsible gun owners out there but we also need to keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to use them in the wrong way."

Eastman narrowly beat former Rep. Brad Ashford, who enjoyed the support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. During her appearance on "Meet the Press Daily," Eastman also discussed abortion, which she supports without any restrictions.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Jack Pandol said Eastman is "too radical" for Nebraska.

"Even Democrats agree Kara Eastman is just too radical for Nebraska. This troubling answer is the latest example of why we can’t afford Kara and her extreme agenda," Pandol said.

Eastman is running against Republican Rep. Don Bacon, who ran unopposed in his party primary.