Priebus on Trump: 'If You're a Republican, You Couldn't Be Happier'

March 4, 2018

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said Republicans "couldn't be happier" with the Trump administration's results during an interview Sunday on ABC's "This Week."

ABC host George Stephanopoulos recapped a tumultuous week for the White House, which included the resignation of communications director Hope Hicks, President Donald Trump's personal attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump's bucking of Republican Party positions on gun control, and Trump's announcement of new tariffs on aluminum and steel imports.

After playing a clip of current chief of staff John Kelly joking that "God punished me" by taking him out of the Department of Homeland Security and putting him in that job, Stephanopoulos asked Priebus if his replacement knew what he was getting into and how he fixes things inside the White House.

"You can't look at the distractions," Priebus said. "I think what the staff has to do is focus in on the results."

Priebus said the focus is often on the fights and not on the White House's decisions.

"Look at the economy," he said. "Look at ISIS. Look at the courts. The decisions and the things that President Trump has done have put him on a great course. If you're a Republican, you couldn't be happier. So, the drama is there, but that is how the president's decisions and that process, while different, have gotten to good results."

Not all Republicans are pleased with Trump this week, however, given his seeming embrace of some Democratic gun proposals and tariffs that some in the GOP have warned could raise costs for American consumers.