Philly Voters Aren’t Attending Biden Watch Parties

Getty Images
October 21, 2019

Not many people attended former vice president Joe Biden's campaign's debate-watch parties in Philadelphia last Tuesday.

Three watch parties registered with the Biden campaign were held in Center City, Philadelphia's downtown, on Oct. 15. Each event gathered no more than seven attendees, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Center City resident David Bradford hosted a watch party blocks away from the Biden campaign headquarters. Only one person attended the event. Biden supporter Marilyn Silberstein also hosted a debate watch party in East Falls. Three people attended her event, but two of the individuals were not supporters of the former vice president.

Biden has struggled to generate excitement among voters but has remained a leading candidate since he entered the 2020 race. His series of gaffes and difficulty with exciting voters have been attributed to his age. The 76-year-old candidate would be the oldest person to assume the office if elected.

Silberstein, 74, argued Biden's low energy is a part of his appeal.

"No, he’s not exciting," she said. "But haven’t we had enough excitement for the last three years? And you know what? That makes me more excited about him."