Party of Inclusion

GOP assembles diverse slate of young black and brown candidates to challenge 80-year-old white man

April 12, 2023

Just the facts: The Republican Party has always been a champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Unlike the Democratic Party, which seeks to demonstrate its commitment to inclusive values through performative rhetoric and condescending lectures, the GOP leads by example.

Win back the White People's House or DEI trying: Republicans are assembling one of the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive slates of candidates who will compete for the opportunity to challenge President Joe Biden, an 80-year-old white man sometimes referred to as "Sleepy Joe."

As it stands, a majority of the projected GOP primary candidates are people of color under 60 years of age. Let's take a closer look at this historic Republican field heading into the 2024 election.


Age: 57

Years younger than Joe Biden: 23

Occupation: United States senator from South Carolina

Accomplishments: First black Republican to represent a Southern state in the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction, would be the first fully black president in American history (Barack Obama was half white)

Why Democrats hate him: There are few things Democrats hate more than a black person who doesn't agree with their policy preferences. (See also: Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.)

Biden has argued that Scott and other black Americans who don't support him "ain't black." Democrats and other racists have called him "Uncle Tim," a "token" black "prop," and a "clown" whose "ancestors are ashamed of him."

In 2021, the Washington Post published a racially charged investigation into Scott's family history, implying the senator's grandfather—who grew up in segregation-era South Carolina during the Great Depression—was actually a privileged nepo baby.

Scott would be a national celebrity by now if he weren't a Republican. Raised by a single "prayin' momma" in South Carolina, recipient of a non-Ivy League education, the senator has arguably overcome more challenges than Obama did throughout his historic career.


Age: 51

Years younger than Joe Biden: 29

Past her prime? Hell no.

Occupation: Former governor of South Carolina, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

Accomplishments: First female governor of South Carolina, first Asian-American female governor of any state, first Indian-American member of a presidential cabinet, would be the first female president of the United States (sorry, Hillary) and the first fully non-white president in history

Why Democrats hate her: The usual reasons. CNN's Don Lemon hates her because she's a woman, while others hate her because of her ethnic background and political affiliation. Last year, for example, television personality Asunción "Sunny" Hostin smeared the Indian-American icon as a racial "chameleon" for changing her name. (Haley's middle name is Nikki.)


Age: 37

Years younger than Joe Biden: 43

Occupation: Tech entrepreneur, anti-ESG investor

Accomplishments: Nine-figure net worth, attractive wife, nationally ranked junior tennis player, would be the youngest (and first fully non-white) president in American history

Why Democrats hate him: Being a rich tech guy is fine so long as you are "woke" and fund the Democratic Party's radical agenda. Otherwise you're bad. Ramaswamy is also a person of color who speaks out against the Democratic Party's entitled and paternalistic attitude toward people of color, which annoys them to no end.


Age: 76

Age (adjusted for stamina): 39

Years younger than Joe Biden (adjusted): 41

Occupation: President of the United States (disputed), real estate tycoon, reality TV legend, loving husband, caring father, skilled amateur golfer

Accomplishments: First indicted president in American history, first twice-impeached president in American history, involved in more perfect phone calls than any president in American history, has done more for the black community than any other American president—with the (possible) exception of Abraham Lincoln

Why Democrats hate him: They want to be him. Trump's otherworldly combination of handsomeness, strength, stamina, hair quality, intellect, and moral courage is something they will never possess. Also, they will never get over the fact that he shattered Hillary Clinton's dream of becoming president.