WATCH: The Vicious, Racially Charged Assault on Clarence Thomas

Hillary Clinton invokes racist trope to attack Supreme Court's only black justice

Journalists and other Democrats are waging another racially charged assault on a prominent black conservative.

When Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) delivered the GOP response to President Joe Biden's congressional address in April 2021, liberals denounced the historic black senator, using racist tropes such as "Uncle Tim." One Democratic analyst called Scott a "clown" whose "ancestors are ashamed of him." The Washington Post published an investigation implying that Scott's grandfather—raised on a farm in South Carolina during the Great Depression—was actually a child of privilege.

Following the Supreme Court's ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the left-wing outrage machine unleashed a torrent of racially fraught abuse at Clarence Thomas, the High Court's only black justice. Failed politician Hillary Clinton invoked a classic racist trope about black male aggression by describing Thomas as consumed by "anger" and a desire to murder women. NBC News historian Michael Beschloss concurred with Hillary's bigoted language, while others appeared to question the legitimacy of Thomas's marriage to a white woman.

Anyone who criticizes a black person they disagree with is a filthy racist. That's a fact.