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Columbia Law School To Host Speaker Who Charged Jews Benefit From 'White Privilege,' Creating Tension With 'People of Color'

'Many Jews—not all Jews, but the majority of them—are white, so they still experience white privilege,' says Fatimah Gilliam

April 5, 2024

Minority Contracting Comes to Medicine

Hospitals are giving minority contractors a big leg up on everything from medical equipment to cancer screening

April 4, 2024

US Intel Agency Wants To Ban Terms 'Radical Islamists' and 'Jihadist' Because They're Hurtful to Muslim Americans

Office of the Director of National Intelligence also instructs employees to avoid 'blacklisted,' 'cakewalk,' and 'sanity check'

March 27, 2024

Complaint Alleges University of Wisconsin DEI Czar, Husband of Harvard's DEI Chief, Has Decades-Long History of Research Misconduct

LaVar Charleston—who once assaulted a police officer—passed off old studies as new research at least five times

March 21, 2024

Columbia University Hospital DEI Chief Is Serial Plagiarist, Complaint Alleges

Alade McKen plagiarized pages of material from Wikipedia

February 29, 2024