NBC: Lynch-Clinton Summit on Tarmac Plays Into Narrative Hillary Clinton Is Not Trustworthy

• July 3, 2016 11:16 am


Sunday's Meet the Press panel all agreed that Bill Clinton's meeting on Attorney General Loretta Lynch's private jet plays into the narrative that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.

"The tarmac meeting, such an unforced error. Something should have told this former constitutional law professor from Arkansas not to do it." Andrea Mitchell said. "To be on that plane for 30 minutes, an hour—no matter what happens, if she is exonerated there will still be suspicions not only among the Donald Trump people but among a lot of other people. There will be suspicions this was politically motivated. This was absolutely a disastrous decision on their part."

Katy Tur, who covers the Donald Trump campaign, agreed and said that the meeting plays directly into the narrative that the Clintons cannot be trusted.

"The Trump campaign is seeing this as an opportunity, no matter what happens, to use it against her as to say that she's just not trustworthy," Tur said.

Kasie Hunt mentioned that while Clinton says she is careful with her words, the Clintons have done things while in the public eye that have made them untrustworthy.

"The email use, in of itself, she says she did it for convenience. It turns out I would have done it differently if I had another chance," Hunt said. "It's a long line of things that fits into a pattern that Trump very easily plays into."

Mitchell said the Clinton campaign's new ad that focuses on her work with children negates the poor likability numbers and focuses more on Clinton coming across as sincere and warm.

"There is one other thing this whole mess has created," Mitchell said. "There was a possible plan for her to fly in on Tuesday with this first Obama meeting to North Carolina on Air Force One. The full embrace."

Mitchell said that Bill Clinton's tarmac meeting was a mistake and makes it really hard for his wife to come out arm in arm with the current president.

Obama is set to campaign with Clinton in North Carolina on Tuesday. The event was previously meant to take place in Green Bay, Wisconsin but was cancelled because of the terror attack last month on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.