Obama Trolls Trump: ‘America’s Winning Right Now’

• September 16, 2015 12:06 pm


President Obama took a dig at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump Wednesday at a meeting of Business Roundtable, saying that "America's winning right now."

Trump, as part of his slogan to "Make America Great Again," has repeatedly said that America does not "win anymore," citing bad deals and a less engaged role in the world. At a rally against the Iran nuclear deal last week, Trump said if he wins the White House, "we will have so much winning that you may get bored with winning." Trump has wide leads over other Republicans in the polls heading into Wednesday night's GOP debate on CNN.

Obama, who was there to press Congress to pass funding bills with higher spending caps, bashed Republican candidates for being negative and not having solutions. He said, "America is great right now" as well.

"If our leaders can put common sense over ideology and the good of the country before the good of the party, then we'll do just fine," he said. "Despite the perennial doom and gloom that I guess is inevitably part of a presidential campaign, America's winning right now. America is great right now. We can do even better, but the reason that I'm so confident about our future is not because of our government or the size of our GDP or our military but because everybody in this country … they do believe in a common creed that if people work hard in this country, they should be able to get ahead."

Obama's remarks coincided with a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about the struggles of the U.S. to combat the Islamic State terror organization. On another note, a Free Beacon video this week showed that Trump and Obama have actually used similar rhetoric over the years, with Wednesday being the latest example.

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