Nelson: Security Trigger Will ‘Have to Be Included’ to Get the Votes

Border security trigger key difference between Senate, WH proposals

Sen. Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) said Wednesday a border security "trigger" will have to be included to get the necessary votes to pass Congress.

"Border security, in order to get the votes in Congress is going to have to be included, and the question is what is the trigger," Nelson told CNN, when asked about the differences between the Senate and White House proposals. "That is to be worked out, that is reasonable, that is going to be worked out."

President Obama did not include the so-called trigger in his remarks Tuesday in Las Vegas. When asked, White House officials declined to outright support such a measure, saying they would wait for the actual Senate language.

"What we have said is that there needs to be a clear path to citizenship," said Miranda. "We'll wait to see what they flesh out."