NBC, MSNBC Interviews With Omarosa Last Week Worth Nearly $28 Million in Free Publicity

Omarosa Manigault Newman is interviewed on MSNBC / YouTube
August 21, 2018

Former White House aide Omarosa received nearly $28 million in free media with her interviews last week on NBC and MSNBC, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

Using the media monitoring site's publicity value per 30 seconds of screen time, the Free Beacon determined her seven interviews on NBC and left-leaning cable network MSNBC were worth $27,870,325.19. Her on-air time totaled 92 minutes, 6 seconds.

Promoting her scathing new book about her brief tenure in the Donald Trump White House, she appeared on NBC's "Meet The Press" on Aug. 12, where she first revealed the secret recording she made of her conversation with Chief of Staff John Kelly when she was dismissed. She also appeared on NBC's "Today" in an interview with Savannah Guthrie on Aug. 13.

As network interviews, they had by far the most publicity value of her appearances in the NBC family; her Guthrie interview was valued at nearly $1 million per minute and lasted more than 10 minutes. Her interview with Todd was worth nearly $600,000 a minute and lasted nearly 20 minutes.

Manigault Newman also did separate interviews with MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and co-hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi on Aug. 13, Katy Tur on Aug. 14, Craig Melvin on Aug. 16, and Al Sharpton on Aug. 19. In that latter interview, she said Trump wanted to start a "race war" in the country.

The values for each respective appearance are included below in a list of all seven interviews.

No media value was available for "Hardball" on on Aug. 13, but the value of the minute before the show began was approximately $65,374.08 per 30 seconds, and the Free Beacon used that value in its calculation. "Hardball" had a higher viewership (1,740,000 total viewers) on Aug. 13 than the preceding show "The Beat" (1,438,000 total viewers), so the publicity value would surely be higher. However, the Free Beacon used the lower $65,374.08 figure in its calculation since it was the closest available figure to that time.

In addition to her interview blitz, there were also numerous discussions and news segments devoted to her and her book across cable news over the past week. That time was not included in this analysis.

Aug. 20 (PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton)

On-air interview length: 12 minutes, 17 seconds

Publicity value: $828,398.56

Aug. 16 (Live with Craig Melvin)

On-air interview length: 14 minutes, 44 seconds

Publicity value: $1,915,353.67

Aug. 14 (Live with Katy Tur)

On-air interview length: 12 minutes, 46 seconds

Publicity value: $983,365.52

Aug. 13 (Hardball)

On-air interview length: 12 minutes, 51 seconds

Publicity value: $1,680,113.87

Aug. 13 (Velshi and Ruhle)

On-air interview length: 10 minutes, 2 seconds

Publicity value: $955,726.97

Aug. 13 (Today)

On-air interview length: 10 minutes, 10 seconds

Publicity value: $10,051,925.26

Aug. 12 (Meet The Press)

On-air interview length: 19 minutes, 16 seconds

Publicity value: $11,455,441.34

Other interviews Manigault Newman did last week to promote the book included on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," "CBS This Morning," and news website The Grio. Trump tweeted frequently about his former aide and at one pointed referred to her as "that dog" who deserved to be fired.