Nancy Grace Loses It Over Anthony Weiner's Sentence: 'He Will Repeat Offend'

September 26, 2017

Legal commentator Nancy Grace was furious Tuesday over the 21-month prison sentence Anthony Weiner received for sexting with an underage girl, saying it was not severe enough and he would repeat his offenses.

Weiner pleaded guilty in May to transferring obscene material to a minor after exchanging sexually explicit messages and videos with the 15-year-old, the final chapter of a long downfall for the former New York Democratic congressman.

On ABC's "Good Morning America," Grace lit into the judge's decision, which was at the lower level of the 21-to-27 month sentence prosecutors requested.

While ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams said Weiner did not have child pornography on his computer and may have received a tougher sentence because of his fame, Grace made it clear it should have been far tougher.

"I am deeply disheartened by this sentence," she said. "And for Dan Abrams to say this is not child porn? He asked a girl to strip naked and fondle herself. How could that be differentiated?"

Abrams tried to calm Grace down, to no avail, when he repeated his remark about him not possessing child porn.

"If that's your defense, good luck ... He asked this girl to strip naked, which she did, and touch herself, as he watched on Skype and Snapchat," Grace said. "He could have gotten 10 years. He got a couple of months ... Yes, I'm disheartened. I'm very disheartened, and he will repeat offend."

Abrams responded no one would get 10 years, the maximum sentence for what Weiner pleaded guilty to, with the "fact pattern" of the case, but Grace remained indignant.

"Nancy, can we agree on something? Let's agree this is really bad," Abrams said. "Let's agree Anthony Weiner deserves prison time."

Abrams asked if he got credit for admitting to his crime, but Grace responded Weiner was caught "red-handed" and that he had tried to blame the girl in the case.

"He's done this many, many times. He pled guilty to one time," Grace said. "I am not impressed."

Host George Stephanopoulos hastily ended the discussion there, quipping, "the judge has spoken. So have both of you."

Weiner must report to prison by November 6 to begin his sentence. His estranged wife, former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, has filed for divorce.