Nadler: I Don’t Know How NY Gun Law’s Mental Health Provision Will Be Enforced

Mental health officials concerned over NY provision

• January 16, 2013 4:25 pm


Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.) said he did not know how the mental health provisions in the new New York gun control law would be enforced, in a Wednesday interview with MSNBC.

The provision requires mental health providers to report potentially violent patients to the state, which has caused privacy concerns in the mental health community. Nadler has endorsed the New York legislation, although he appears to be unaware that policy within his state's law:

S.E. CUPP: The legislation that Governor Cuomo signed into law yesterday here in your state, our state, New York, addressed the mental health holes in the system which I am all for. But I am wondering if you can help me understand how the requirement for mental health professionals to report their patients as dangerous is going to be enforced and if making doctors responsible for gun safety is really the smartest thing to do.

JERRY NADLER: I don't really know how that's going to be enforced. I am not really familiar with the details of the New York legislation and the state legislature. On the national level, of course, what is being proposed is that we eliminate the gun show loophole and that we have a comprehensive system for tracking and checking the backgrounds of all people who want to buy guns, whether they want to buy it in a store from someone else. That [would] obviously have a tremendous effect in keeping the guns out of hands of felons, terrorists, and lunatics.

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