MSNBC Shows Error-Ridden Graphic on Trump's Approval Rating

January 30, 2018

MSNBC on Tuesday aired an error-ridden graphic of a recent Gallup poll showing President Donald Trump's approval rating in seven key states that he won during the 2016 presidential election.

Host Katy Tur said she usually does not like to "rely too heavily on numbers" but wanted to discuss this poll in particular.

But the graphic that appeared on screen, showing seven states and their corresponding approval and disapproval ratings for the president, was laden with errors.

According to the graphic, only two percent of Pennsylvanians approve of Trump's job performance, while 53 percent disapprove. The actual poll shows that 42 percent of Pennsylvania residents approve of the president.

Furthermore, five of the seven states' names on the MSNBC graphic were paired with the wrong image of a U.S. state.

An image of Michigan was featured next to the name North Carolina, an image of North Carolina was next to the name Iowa, an image of Pennsylvania was next to the name Ohio, an image of Ohio was next to the name Michigan, and an image of Iowa was next to the name Pennsylvania.

Only Florida and Wisconsin were paired with the correct image of its corresponding state shape.

MSNBC did not mention the mistakes, which occurred one day after multiple network hosts and anchors made fun of the Republican Party and the Trump administration for the misspelling of the word "union" on invitations to the State of the Union address.