MSNBC Host Outraged After Trump Brings Up Own Golf Course in South Korea

November 8, 2017

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle was outraged Wednesday after President Donald Trump brought up his own golf course in a speech to the South Korean legislature.

Ruhle first apologized to her audience, saying she was wrong to assert that Trump is not consistent.

"I owe the audience an apology. I said that the president is not consistent, it's unclear what he stands for, but I was wrong," Ruhle said. "Last night, he reminded us exactly what he stands for. And while speaking in South Korea, he brought up his own golf course, his favorite thing to do."

Ruhle then played a clip of Trump speaking to the National Assembly of South Korea in which he praised Korean golfer Sung Hyun Park for winning the Women's U.S. Open at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. earlier this year.

"The Women's U.S. Open was held this year at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and it just happened to be won by a great Korean golfer, Sung Hyun Park," Trump said.

With her arms crossed, Ruhle appeared to be distraught over Trump's comments and asked NBC reporter Peter Alexander to explain the context of the clip she showed.

"Peter, walk me through this. What's the context?" Ruhle asked.

Alexander said the comment was "very Trump-like," noting that the president was trying to praise his South Korean hosts.

"It was a very Trump-like moment certainly," Alexander said. "This was notable because, remember, the president was for the first time an American president has addressed South Korea's National Assembly in something like 25 years, was trying to shower praise on to South Korean hosts for all their achievements in the past six decades since the Korean War in technology, in medicine, in music, and as it would turn out, in golf, which was an opportunity for him to bring up what he likes to do, his own personal brand, one of his properties, the Trump golf course where at the U.S. Women's Open not too long ago eight of the top 10 finishers, including the champion, were South Korean."

"That was a moment that you saw that the South Korean lawmakers embraced there," Alexander added, noting that the National Assembly applauded at Trump's golf comments.

Ruhle then said Trump was "yet again" tooting his own horn.

"President Trump showcasing his musical prowess, tooting his own horn yet again," Ruhle said.