Mitchell Gushes About Clinton: ‘I Know I Can’t Keep Up With Her’

• September 12, 2016 1:12 pm


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell gushed on Monday that she could not keep up with Hillary Clinton’s schedule while interviewing campaign spokesman Brian Fallon about Clinton’s medical episode the previous day.

Fallon touted Clinton wanting to make her Sept. 11 memorial appearance on Sunday despite feeling ill. The campaign initially stated she had felt "overheated" without disclosing her pneumonia diagnosis that she received on Friday, before acknowledging Sunday she had the ailment.

A video showed Clinton’s knees buckling and nearly collapsing as she was helped into a van after leaving the 9/11 event early on Sunday, and she emerged hours later from her daughter Chelsea’s apartment waving to reporters.

"This is the Hillary Clinton that Americans got to know as secretary of state," Fallon said. "Somebody that keeps a breakneck pace, traveled the globe. She’s indefatigable. The only person that I know that might keep up as grueling a pace as her is you, Andrea."

Mitchell chuckled.

"Well, I know I can’t keep up with her," she said.

Earlier on Morning Joe, Mitchell expressed frustration with the campaign for having "botched" its handling of Clinton’s near-collapse, saying she and others had been "trying to fact-check" conspiracy theories about the Democrat’s health.