Liz Cheney: Clinton Is a Felon Associated With ‘Slime and Sleaze,’ Would Be Most Corrupt President Ever

• August 12, 2016 2:54 pm


Wyoming congressional candidate Liz Cheney (R.) lambasted Hillary Clinton as "a felon" associated with "slime and sleaze" and potentially the most corrupt person to ever win the presidency during an interview Friday on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is running for the lone House seat in Wyoming. Limbaugh has been bullish on Donald Trump’s chances despite bad polling against Clinton, and he cited polls showing that a large majority of the country thinks the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction as a possible boon for Trump.

"We hear in the drive-by media that Trump has got people like you, down-ballot, all worried that his drag in the ticket is going to take people like you down with him," Limbaugh said. "Is that a factor as you run?"

"Rush, in Wyoming, there is no question for us that Hillary Clinton would be devastating and far, far worse than Donald Trump, and we’ve got to unify behind him and make sure Hillary Clinton’s not elected," Cheney said. "She is a felon. She … clearly violated the law with respect to her personal server and her lack of willingness to take care of the national security information of the nation. What’s been going on with the Clinton Foundation is absolutely crooked and corrupt."

"She is a woman who has a long history of not abiding by the law and of getting away with it," Cheney continued. "There is just a level of slime and sleaze associated with the Clinton family, and we know in Wyoming we’ve got to do everything possible to make sure they never get anywhere near the Oval Office."

Limbaugh said the anti-coal agenda of Clinton, who infamously remarked she wanted to put a lot of coal miners out of business, should resonate with voters in a key coal state like Wyoming.

Commenting on her lengthy time in public life, Limbaugh wondered how Clinton could campaign on improving things like the economy while simultaneously claiming to embrace President Obama’s policies.

"Obviously she advocates failed policies, and obviously she’s in a situation where she will continue the devastating policies we’ve seen from President Obama, but she would be the most corrupt individual ever to sit in the Oval Office if she’s elected," Cheney said. "She clearly believes she’s above the law."