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The Era of Limbaugh

Column: Why Rush Limbaugh matters

Rush LimbaughFlorida governor Ron DeSantis spoke to Rush Limbaugh last fall at a gala dinner for the National Review Institute. The radio host was there to receive the William F. Buckley Jr. award. "He actually gave me one of the greatest compliments I've ever had," Limbaugh told his audience the next day. "He listed five great conservatives and put me in the list." DeSantis's pantheon: William F. Buckley Jr., Ronald Reagan, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh: Friend of the Working Man, Champion of the People

The Dallas Morning News has a story about an incredibly terrible woman (and obvious devotee of the politicized life) by the name of Merritt Tierce who is so super duper serial that when Rush Limbaugh left her an enormous tip she got … angry about it. Indeed, she was so angry about the “blood money” that she donated it to an outfit whose sole purpose is to keep babies from being born.