Likely New Head of Pro-Hillary Super PAC is a Clinton Foundation Donor

Separation from politics continues to disappear for Clinton Foundation

May 20, 2015

Guy Cecil, who recently joined Super PAC Priorities USA Action and is expected to lead its effort to raise millions in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has contributed up to $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Cecil previously was political director for Clinton's 2008 campaign and will likely take the reins of Priorities USA as the group's previous executive director has stepped down, according to BuzzFeed.

As Cecil was being considered for the position, he was also contributing to the Clinton Foundation, according to foundation records. Cecil has contributed between $25,001 and $50,000 to the foundation, and some of that money came as recently as 2014.

Cecil was also one of the candidates being considered by Clinton to be campaign manager, though he was not chosen for the job.

The Clinton Foundation has come under fire in recent months as evidence mounts that contributions to the foundation were made in hopes of gaining favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Charity Naviagor recently put the foundation on a "charity watch-list." The Sunlight Foundation said it "operates as a slush fund for the Clintons."

It is becoming apparent that the line that separates the Clinton Foundation's charity work from its political activity has disappeared. A review of Clinton Foundation activity by the Washington Post "found substantial overlap between the Clinton political machinery and the foundation."

More than half of the fundraisers held for Clinton's 2016 presidential run have been hosted by Clinton Foundation donors. Additionally, contributions made to the Clinton Foundation by some of the largest unions in the United States were categorized on tax forms as "political activity."

Requests for comment to the Clinton Foundation and Priorities USA were not returned.