COUNTERPOINT: Dissent Is Still Patriotic, Even When Republicans Do It

Journalists and other libs are losing their minds over the increasingly popular catch phrase, 'Let's go, Brandon'

November 2, 2021

We regret to inform you that the libs and the journos (pardon the redundancy) are at it again. Their anxiety levels are surging in direct correlation with the popularity of the catch phrase, "Let's go, Brandon," which some have decided is an existential threat to American democracy.

Some background: The "meme" was born on Oct. 2 following a NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. The crowd was clearly chanting "F—k Joe Biden" as the winning driver, Brandon Brown, was being interviewed by a reporter for NBC Sports. "You can hear the chants from the crowd," the reporter told Brown. "Let's go, Brandon." It was an objectively hilarious moment, and recent polling suggests that most Americans agree.

Nevertheless, the libs persisted in asserting their anxiety over the demise of political decorum, especially after Republican politicians started saying the phrase out loud and wearing facemasks adorned with it on the House floor. Last week, an Associated Press reporter on a Southwest Airlines flight attempted to break into the cockpit after the pilot allegedly used the phrase while addressing passengers over the public address system. Doing what comes naturally, other journalists demanded the pilot be fired.

CNN's coverage has been particularly hysterical. Joe Lockhart, a political analyst for the left-wing network, likened "Let's go, Brandon" to the coded rhetoric used by groups such as ISIS, the Nazi Party, and the Ku Klux Klan. "You know who also had coded statements like Brandon? ISIS, the Klan, Nazi's...beginning to get the point?" Lockhart wrote on Twitter, the popular social networking website. To the relief of many, CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto finally weighed in by urging the American people to "Think about [what] the lesson is the 'Let’s go, Brandon' crowd is teaching their children." (He wasn't joking.)

The Washington Free Beacon has identified at least four important lessons that children might learn from this ridiculous "controversy."

1) Dissent is patriotic

It's a maxim that journalists and other libs wholeheartedly embrace when Republicans are in charge, but tend to ignore when Democrats hold power. For example, Americans who disagreed with former president Barack Obama were widely denounced as racists. Under Donald Trump, resistance was imperative for the future of democracy. Now that Joe Biden is president, even implied obscenities are out of bounds. It's important for children to learn that the right to dissent is universal—that our principles aren't really principles if we only adhere to them selectively, and no one likes a hypocrite.

2) Politicians aren't entitled to your respect

Children must learn that politicians are not celebrities. The media's insistence on portraying them as such—the Democratic ones, at least—suggests that most political journalists are emotionally stunted weirdos. Politicians, meanwhile, are typically possessed of a sociopathic narcissism that allows them to believe they should be in charge of governing their fellow Americans. They are public servants entrusted with power. They can earn our respect, but they aren't entitled to it. Curse them all you want.

3) Journalists can't tell you how to live your lives

Journalists and other libs are constantly complaining that, even though they frequently articulate their correct opinions on television and on social media, millions of Americans continue to disagree with them. That's okay! We should be teaching our kids to be skeptical of self-proclaimed arbiters of "truth," especially the ones who appear on television and spend all day on social media. Most professional journalists are white, highly educated, relatively wealthy, and live in New York City and Washington, D.C. The vast majority of Americans are not like them. Diversity is crucial!

4) It's okay to laugh

Professional journalists tend to take themselves way too seriously, which is why a phrase like "Let's go, Brandon" or even "F—k Joe Biden" might compel them to nurse their emotional boo boos in public. Many are incapable of admitting that Donald Trump was occasionally hilarious. Normal, well-adjusted human beings should do the opposite. We should teach our kids the importance of self-deprecation and instill in them an ability to find humor in every aspect of their lives, even the ostensibly "serious" ones—politics, for example. Our Founding Fathers wouldn't have it any other way.