John King Audibly Sighs With The Thought of Hillary Clinton Running for Mayor of NYC


CNN's Mary Katherine Ham piled onto the rumors that former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is considering running against Bill de Blasio as mayor of New York City on Sunday's Inside Politics.

"Well, I heard from two people in New York yesterday that they were polled about mayoral issues in New York City," Ham said. "One of the questions was a head to head with de Blasio and Hillary Clinton."

Ham said that the polling was conducted by a public polling company and not a Clinton ally. She said that if Clinton does decide that she wants to run for mayor of New York City that she would have some data.

Host John King let out a long and audible sigh.

The New York Post editoral board encouraged Clinton to seek the mayorship in a tongue in cheek editorial last Friday.

The Clinton camp has remained silent on the issue. The Clintons are scheduled to appear at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday.

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Alyssa Canobbio is the War Room Director for the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the Beacon, she worked as a Communications Associate for Americans for Tax Reform. Alyssa is originally from New Jersey and lives in Arlington, Virginia. In her free time she enjoys sailing, craft beer, and watching the Steelers and the Phillies. Her Twitter handle is @AlyssaEinDC. She can be reached at

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