Jim Acosta on Perils of TV Journalism: 'The Sacrifice Will Be Worth It'

June 12, 2019

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is in the midst of a book tour to promote his recently published memoir, The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America. On Tuesday, for example, Acosta was as a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan, where he discussed the perils of truth-telling with Dan Rather, the disgraced journalist who was fired from CBS for reporting fake news.

The event took place just hours after Russian authorities abandoned their efforts to prosecute investigative journalist Ivan Golunov, whose recent arrest on dubious drug charges sparked an international outcry, and prompted comparisons to the time Acosta briefly had his White House press pass suspended by the Trump administration.

Acosta has previously stated that one of his reasons for writing Enemy of the People is because "I want my kids to grow up in a country where, you know, we can still shout questions at the president." In the book itself, which some people have allegedly purchased and read, the brave journalist concludes on an encouraging note. The perils of appearing on television and shouting questions at our country's leaders, he writes, is a "sacrifice" that he knows "will be worth it."