Jane Fonda Is Latest of Jon Ossoff's Celebrity Donors

Jon Ossoff donor Jane Fonda
Jon Ossoff donor Jane Fonda pictured in Hanoi in July 1972 / STF/AFP/Getty Images
April 15, 2017

Antiwar activist Jane Fonda has pitched in with a last-minute contribution to Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, according to the campaign's most recent filing.

Fonda, who began her antiwar activism during the Vietnam War, gave $2,000 this week to Ossoff, the leading Democratic candidate in next week's special election to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price.

The actress and physical fitness advocate is far from Ossoff's first star supporter. His candidacy has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities ranging from antigun advocate Rosie O'Donnell to topless model Chelsea Handler, who have helped Ossoff break fundraising records with a haul of over $8 million.

Fonda, the star of Monster-in-Law and Jane Fonda's Workout Collection, is likely Ossoff's most controversial big-money get. She was called a traitor by Vietnam veterans who labeled her "Hanoi Jane" after she traveled to the North Vietnam city and was photographed sitting with enemy troops on one of their antiaircraft batteries with a helmet and a gun. Vietnam veterans still protest her public events.

She has since apologized for the photograph, but stands by the decision to travel to North Vietnam as part of her antiwar campaign.

Fonda, who continued her antiwar activism after the Vietnam War ended, has often been a PR headache for Democratic pols. Failed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was labeled a "Jane Fonda Democrat" by opponents in 2004 after a picture of them both at an infamous antiwar rally were released.

Fonda, unlike 95 percent of the contributors to Ossoff so far, listed a Georgia address on her $2,000 contribution. The Jane Fonda Foundation, which has been criticized for its lack of charitable giving, is headquartered in Atlanta.

Ossoff is currently polling below 50 percent, which he would need to win the House seat outright; several Republican candidates are splitting more than 60 percent of the vote. Ossoff is not expected to win a run-off, assuming he fails to meet the 50 percent threshold.

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