Hillary Clinton: I'm Sick of Having a Republican Team and a Democratic Team

May 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton told a Kentucky campaign audience Monday that she was tired of people either falling into the "Republican team" or the "Democratic team."

"Let's be on the American team like the 101st Airborne is at Ft. Campbell," she said.

She started off by telling the audience that if someone has a better idea on how to help the economy or health care, she was more than willing to listen to it, regardless of the source.

"If somebody has a better idea, I don't care if it's a Republican idea, an independent idea, a Democratic idea. I don't care where it comes from," she said.

Appearing to channel Barack Obama's famed 2004 address about the U.S. not being a nation of "red states and blue states," she said if something was a good idea, then that made it an American idea.

"Because if it's a good idea, then by definition, it is an American idea," she said. "We ought to roll up our sleeves and make sure it works and I'll tell you, I'm tired of people being on the Republican team or the Democratic team or the red team or the blue team. Let's be on the American team."

This came almost thirty minutes after Clinton slammed a protestor for using Republican "propaganda." She told the protestor that she was entitled to her own opinions, but not her own facts.

She also said earlier in the speech that the 2008 recession was George W. Bush's responsibility, and it was then handed off to the Obama administration. Clinton has previously compared Republicans to terrorists over women's rights and said they are "attacking every right we've got."