Hillary Clinton Has to Remind Supporters She's Never Been to Jail

December 9, 2015

Hillary Clinton made an awkward joke Wednesday during a town hall in Iowa, remarking that she'd been to "Yale, not jail" when a man wearing the university's logo on his cap stood up to ask her a question.

"Ok, we've got a gentleman right there in the Yale cap," Clinton said. "Oh my goodness. I've spent time there. That was Yale, not jail! He and I, we have this in common."

The audience laughed, although it was unclear why Clinton felt the need to clear that up to her supporters. Clinton received her law degree from Yale, where she also met her husband and future president Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email while she was secretary of state are under federal investigation right now, as well as her potential mishandling of classified information at the State Department. She signed a non-disclosure agreement laying out criminal penalties for any negligent handling of classified information that could jeopardize national security, as many experts have charged happened with her use of an unsecured server that she wiped clean.

Of course, she's been known to make jokes about that in the past.

Clinton is the current frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.