Heilemann Roasts Hillary: Many of the Problems in Her 2007 Campaign are Replaying Themselves in 2015

• September 16, 2015 7:04 am


Bloomberg’s John Heilemann disparaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign Tuesday night for committing the same sins her operation was ridiculed for during the 2008 presidential cycle when Clinton was upset by Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

"The big question we had around this table months ago: ‘What's different from the race in 2008? How different will the race be in 2016?’" Heilemann said. "Unfortunately for her, many of the things that were bad about her campaign in 2007 have replayed themselves in 2015."

He then ripped into the Democratic frontrunner’s performance on the campaign trail.

"You think back to that campaign and how she ran in 2007. The problems the Democratic voters have with her. The passion she did not inspire. The sense that she was always calculating and triangulating, the way she was operating as if she were the inevitable nominee and not someone having to work for every vote. Many of those things are replaying themselves now," Heilemann said.

Many of the bad habits Clinton’s campaign is exhibiting once again may be due to how she is handling the email scandal that has plagued her since before she entered the race.

"The e-mail scandal, managing it as poorly as it's been managed, has forced her to on an almost daily basis, or at least her campaign, to engage in a series of inauthentic acts, a variety of explanations that do not feel like you're getting the whole story," John Dickerson, CBS News political director and host of Face the Nation, said.

The Bloomberg panel dug into Clinton’s email scandal, voicing their opinions on how the issue currently bringing down her poll numbers could hurt her further.

"If, in fact, all of those 30,000 e-mails that were deleted are accessible in some way by investigators, I think that is an avenue," Dickerson said of the potential for more trouble.

Heilemann's With All Due Respect co-host Mark Halperin noted the email issue could lead to more roadblocks.

"If the FBI determines that there was a breach on her system, I think that potentially makes it worse," Halperin said. "I think some of the issues involving her staff could potentially make it worse. The release of more of these emails month by month and finally, this congressional testimony."

Her inability to appear authentic to Americans and her ongoing email scandal are not the only problems facing Clinton according to the panel. She will have to face a hostile congressional committee in October to answer for the Benghazi tragedy.

"If I understand the way the committee is preparing, if I understand the way they are going to try to stage manage this, that may be a bad day for her rather than what her campaign hopes, which is a climactic day where she stops them and ends their ability to continue to ask her questions," Halperin said.

Perhaps most troubling for Clinton is the damage already inflicted on her candidacy.

"In this ABC/Washington Post poll that just came out today, a few months ago, 71 percent of Democratic-leaning female voters in July said they expected to vote for Clinton. That number is now down to 42 percent. That is 30 points among Democratic-leaning women," Heilemann said. "That is the core of her constituency and that is an alarm bell for her candidacy."