Heilemann: Hillary’s Favorability Rating ‘Falling Like a Rock’


Bloomberg co-host John Heilemann noted Wednesday that Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating with the public is "falling like a rock."

"The thing that I’m worried about if I’m Hillary Clinton in these polls is not the horserace numbers, it’s the fav/unfav numbers," Heilemann said on With All Due Respect. "If you look at the charts, just from Quinnipiac, she is falling like a rock."

Clinton suffers from "markedly" negative favorability ratings with the public in key swing states, one of several weaknesses revealed in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

While Clinton’s favorability rating is underwater in key states, Heilemann noted that her Republican opponents are faring better.

"Jeb Bush is staying steady; Scott Walker is getting better in these Quinnipiac polls." Heilemann said. "To me, the horse race numbers matter not that much. Those numbers, those internals—the favorables/unfavorables—, those matter a lot."

Bloomberg co-host Mark Halperin agreed that Clinton is a vulnerable candidate.

"It’s clear, and you can get this from Democratic and private polling too: her numbers have taken a hit," Halperin said. "This shows that people can beat her."

Revelations about Clinton’s secret email server and controversial political charity, the Clinton Foundation, have likely contributed to her unfavorable impression with everyday Americans.

Clinton used a private email server for official business while working as secretary of state, then deleted thousands of emails when the server was discovered. Clinton's charity, the Clinton Foundation, is the source of controversy for accepting large donations that may have been intended to influence her decision-making as secretary of state.

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