Granholm Has Testy Interview With MSNBC About Clinton’s Struggles

• September 1, 2016 6:33 pm


Hillary Clinton surrogate Jennifer Granholm had a testy interview with MSNBC on Thursday, pushing back in annoyance about stories regarding Clinton’s fundraising swing, tightening polls, avoiding the media, and Bill Clinton aides using taxpayer dollars to subsidize his wife’s private server.

Meet The Press Daily fill-in host Kristen Welker, noting the tightening presidential race, wondered if Clinton should be so "invisible" during her bout of fundraising while Donald Trump has been out front with his trip to Mexico.

"Yeah, but why are we seeing Donald Trump on a daily basis? Because you guys are like totally glomming onto everything this guy says, because it’s so interesting to watch the car wreck," Granholm said.

"To be fair, he’s actually out on the campaign trail, and she hasn’t been," Welker said.

Granholm also got frustrated when Welker brought up the Politico story on tax dollars that the Clinton campaign has called "egregiously false."

"That’s not true!" she said. "This is the frustration part."

She went on to complain that Trump had "so much baggage" and the "false" Politico story was getting all the attention instead.

"So the frustrating part … on the Clinton side is that when you compare these stories, which are false stories, like the AP story last week [about the Clinton Foundation]—" Granholm said.

Welker interrupted to say MSNBC’s coverage had been balanced. Granholm brought up Trump’s loans involving the Bank of China and said the press had not held him accountable for it.

Welker set off Granholm again when she asked about Clinton’s avoidance of press conferences, as the former Michigan governor again pivoted to an unflattering Trump story about former models of his violating immigration rules.

Welker retorted that Granholm had been brought on to discuss the Clinton campaign, not Trump’s.