Graffiti Calling Republicans 'Nazis' Pops Up Across Street From Pat Toomey's House

October 25, 2016

Two houses located across the street from Republican Pat Toomey's Pennsylvania home were vandalized with graffiti calling Republicans "Nazis" and "slavers."

The vandalism occurred overnight this weekend and was first noticed by the family's two young children, according to a CBS Philly report.

Messages included "Nazi, slavers, rapists, cross worshipers = GOP" and "#Americans against the Republican Party." Also included was a warning that Toomey and his "neo Nazi Republicans" should "look out."

The residents at the vandalized homes told CBS that they were unsure whether they were the intended targets given the fact that Toomey himself lives in a similar looking house directly across the street.

Toomey said he is "sickened" by the attack on his neighbors.

"I am sickened by this disgusting, politically inspired hatred," Toomey said. "It has no place in a civilized society. My neighbors are wonderful people who deserve much better. I hope the cowardly criminals who did this are apprehended and punished."

Toomey's Democratic opponent in the upcoming Senate election also spoke out against the graffiti attack.

"My campaign has reached out to the family to convey that this is not what our politics should be about and we cannot tolerate these actions in our community," Katie McGinty said. "I hope law enforcement can quickly investigate the matter and hold the people responsible for it accountable."

Police have thus far not identified any suspects but say they are actively investigating the vandalism.

A Republican campaign office in North Carolina was firebombed earlier this month. A graffiti message on an adjacent building read "Nazi Republicans get out of town or else."