GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Announces Fundraising Record

McCarthy credits $33.7 million haul to 'inept new Democrat socialist party'

Kevin McCarthy / Getty Images
• July 10, 2019 7:10 am


No House Republican has ever raised as much money in the first half of a year as Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) has thus far in 2019, according to fundraising figures released by his campaign on Wednesday morning.

McCarthy's fundraising committees announced the campaign had raised $10.66 million in the second quarter, bringing his total haul for the year thus far to $33.72 million. The success has allowed it to already distribute $8.8 directly to reelection campaigns of members and $10.7 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee and state parties.

"The substantial resources raised thus far will allow us to take our vision and message to the people—and expand the map by outworking, out-recruiting and exposing the corrupt, inept new Democrat socialist party," McCarthy said. "Together we will restore a government that put America first and every American back on top."

With $33.72 million, McCarthy just edged out the previous fundraising record for a House Republican, set by former Republican leader Paul Ryan (Wisc.) in 2017 when he had raised $33.06 million at the halfway point.

This year's haul, however, shatters the amount raised by Ryan last year, when Republicans failed to maintain their control of the House. Ryan's fundraising team raised only about $15 million through two quarters last year.

McCarthy credits the fundraising success partially to current "chaos" with Democrats in the majority.

"Republicans are on offense, fighting back and winning against the socialist agenda coming from House Democrats," McCarthy said. "The ensuing chaos from the Democrat caucus has left this majority rudderless and exposed their inability to solve problems on behalf of the American people."