Gohmert on Democratic Sit-In: This Proves Insanity Exists Here

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Texas) said Friday that people are rising up against "insanity," which in Britain led to the Brexit vote.

Gohmert has been a vocal leader against Democrats' demand for gun control and got into a shouting match with Democrats during their sit-in to push for such legislation.

"Democrats say that demonstration was necessary. Speaker Ryan said it was theatrical, it was done to drum up donations. In the end, what did this last week prove, do you think?" Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked.

"Well, it proved that insanity exists here the way it has been existing in England and people are getting fed up with it. I mean, Bill, for heaven's sake, I think the reason Fox News is the leading news channel is because you have no problem talking about what was the reason for the shooting in Orlando," Gohmert said. "He said he was pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, to its leader, Baghdadi."

Gohmert tied to the British decision to leave the European Union Thursday, calling it "an anti-insanity vote."

"They've been allowing the European Union to force them to to take people that were a threat to them just like, you know, it's why Trump is so popular. People are sick of it," Gohmert said. "But you know what, if my friends who were doing this sit-in on the floor and the White House and Homeland Security and the Justice Department had heard a 911 call where the Orlando shooter said, ‘You know what, I feel like a woman and I'm being dishonored as a woman.’ They would be saying today, ‘Well, clearly it's because he was a woman.’ No, because he said I'm an Islamic State supporter, CNN, New York Times, they're struggling. What was his motivation? My gosh."

"There's an anti-insanity feeling out there and it was ridiculous to say it was the gun."