NATO Turns 70

Seventy years ago on Thursday, the United States, Canada, and 10 western European countries created what became, and still remains, the most successful military alliance in history. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization deterred the Soviet Union from overtaking western Europe and, remarkably, won the Cold War without actually fighting the communist empire. Then, after the …

Pence ‘Rips Europe a New One’ for Helping Iran Skirt U.S. Sanctions

Vice President Mike Pence

WARSAW, Poland—Vice President Mike Pence, speaking before leaders from more than 50 countries, offered a stinging rebuke of leading European nations for their back-door efforts to help Iran skirt U.S. sanctions, demanding these countries follow the White House’s lead and scrap the landmark nuclear deal, which has been on life support since President Donald Trump abandoned the Obama administration’s chief foreign policy achievement.

EU Parliament Recognizes Guaido as Venezuelan Interim President

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Parliament recognised Venezuela’s self-declared interim president Juan Guaido as de facto head of state on Thursday, heightening international pressure on the OPEC member’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Anti-Israel Bill in Ireland Close to Becoming Law

Boycott Israel

An anti-Israel bill in Ireland’s parliament took another step Thursday to becoming law. If enacted, the bill would prohibit companies with business in Ireland from doing business in parts of Israel. On Thursday, the Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Irish parliament, approved the measure by a 78-45 vote. The Irish Times described the law …