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As Europe and United Kingdom Take Tough Action, Biden Admin Slow to Sanction Iran

Slow response comes as Iranian government continues violent crackdown on anti-regime protests

January 20, 2023

European Governments Under Pressure To More Forcefully Back Iranian Protesters

Europe 'has succumbed to the bullying trait of the Islamic regime,' activists say

November 3, 2022

Iowa Dem Uses European Stock Footage To Slam 'Dangerously Wrong' American Abortion Law

Liz Mathis's ad shows image from Denmark, which has more restrictive laws than US

October 14, 2022

China Expands Its Secret Police Stations Around the World

China uses 54 overseas police stations, including in New York City, to hunt down citizens

September 15, 2022

Heads of State, Head to Head: America vs. Finland

How does President Joe Biden stack up against Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin?

August 19, 2022

Dems Promote European Café To Prove They're Investing in Arizona Small Businesses

New DCCC ad pans to menu that lists prices in euros as narrator touts support for local entrepreneurs

August 11, 2022