Father of Parkland Victim Knocks Biden for Forgetting When Shooting Occurred

August 24, 2020

At the Republican National Convention, Andrew Pollack, the father of one of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, criticized Joe Biden for misstating facts about the tragedy.

"It's hard to to tell how much Mr. Biden understands about what happened at Parkland," Pollack said on Monday. "He doesn't even seem to know when the shooting happened."

Pollack was referencing Biden's false claim last August that he met Parkland survivors during his vice presidency. The attack actually took place after Biden was out of office.

"He said that he was vice president when it happened, but he wasn't," Pollack said. "Mr. Biden may not know when my daughter was murdered, but I do: February 14th, 2018. Mr. Biden may not know that these policies make shootings more likely, but I do. Mr. Biden may not know who was vice president that day, but I do. It wasn't Joe Biden, it was Mike Pence, thank God."